The following are projects currently underway through the Smart Work Zone Deployment Initiative. A list of completed projects is also available.

Project TitlePrincipal InvestigatorUniversity
Usefulness and Reliability of Probe Data when Altering Work Zone Message SignsChristopher DayIowa State University
Guidance for Incorporating Work Zone Data within Traffic Management OperationsSkylar KnickerbockerIowa State University
Merging Implementation CriteriaPeter SavolainenMichigan State University
Mobility and Safety Impacts of Work Zone Lane and Shoulder WidthsDavid NoyceUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison
Analysis of Improvements in the Effectiveness of Speed Feedback TrailersTimothy GatesMichigan State University
Evaluation of Messaging Techniques to Increase Vehicle Spacing at Work ZonesJing Dong-O'BrienIowa State University